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Kitchen Prep Bags, Liners, Labels, and Mitts

Keep your prepared food fresh, prevent cross-contamination and reduce prep and clean-up clean-up time with Pak-Sher’s kitchen prep film products. Portion bags, labels, liners, lid covers, and our signature Sher-Mitt® combine to provide you with the complete package for your kitchen and food preparation areas.

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Sher-Mitt® Single Use Disposable Mitt

Sher-Mitts® can be used over a gloved or naked hand as a barrier to prevent cross contamination when handling uncooked meat, poultry and fish. It's dispenser makes slipping on the Sher-Mitt effortless. After adding raw meat to the grill, a quick flick of the wrist can remove the Sher-Mitt® allowing the line chef to begin prep of sandwich rolls and buns without the potential of cross contamination.
  • Simpler to use & more cost effective than vinyl
  • One hand, easy on easy off
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Designed specially for quick, one-time use
  • Can be used over vinyl gloves to protect & extend the life of the glove
  • #5567 dispenser mounts to any vertical ...
Small Portion Control Kitchen Prep Bags

Portion Control Bags

Pak-Sher’s microwave-safe food Portion Bags will help speed up kitchen prep time, store food more safely, and reduce waste saving both time and money.
3/4" Days Food Rotation Labels

Food Rotation Labels

Custom Labeling - Contact your customer support representative or your regional manager

  • Labels are special order only. Call our sales support department for details. 800-642-3456
    • Available in Permanent, Dissolvable, Repositionable, or Freezer-Safe
    • Custom Printing and Sizing Available
    iRemove: Our most economical label. Removable adhesive comes off easily leaving no adhesive residue behind.
    iDissolve: Dissolvable material and adhesive that dissolves completely in 30 seconds using any water temperature
    iMax: Durable synthetic material that protects the label from kitchen environments that cause conventional paper to become a sticky mess. Removes clean every time.
    iFreeze: Permanent, aggressive material best for items in the freezer or dry storage that will be discarded.
    iCustom: Thousands of shapes, sizes and colors available to meet your every need.
    iGlow: Fluorescent deli identification labels. 165 flavors to choose from.
HDPE Liners - For Warming & Storage

Pan Liners

Eliminate scrubbing with these specially designed pan liners. Throw the liner away and the pan is ready to be sanitized. Liners help preserve the life of pans and save time and labor by acting as a physical barrier to sticky, baked on residue, thus avoiding repetitive scrubbing.
Press To Close Kitchen Prep Bags

Press To Close Kitchen Prep Bags

  • Clear, Low-Density Film
  • Press to Close
  • Easy Open and Close

Specialty Kitchen Prep Bags

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