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Green Solutions in Packaging

Packaging That Makes a Difference™

Pak-Sher offers a variety of “green” alternatives to help you meet your company’s sustainability goals while keeping within budget.

  • Direct and Indirect food contact products manufactured in Kilgore, TX can be made with 30% up to 100% Post-Consumer Recycled content (PCR), depending on the product. Finally, customers can go green AND save money. These products are made from recycled milk jugs, and are the best choice for customers looking for an economical product that will meet their sustainability goals.
  • Many of our carryout bags can be manufactured at 3 mil strength to meet reusable requirements in many municipalities. In fact, our 2.25 mil stock bags meet regulations in most cities.
  • Pak-Sher remains extremely concerned about, and ever-conscious of, our effect on the environment. All non-compostable products are recyclable. Even when manufacturing our core polyethylene product line, we recover 100% of our process waste, reusing most in our own operation and providing the rest to third parties for use in their facilities. We are continually researching and testing new sustainabile resins, including plant-based resins derived from sugar cane.

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Recycled Content (PCR) Products

  • Both direct and indirect food contact products manufactured in Kilgore, TX can be manufactured with 30% up to 100% Post-Consumer Recycled content (PCR).
  • Great choice for helping operators begin to market their environmental program without increasing costs.
Reuse Combo

Reusable Poly Carry Out Bags

Designed and Manufactured to be Environmentally Friendly
  • Printed with Water Based Inks
  • Contains Recycled Content
EPI 19" Sinewave

EPI Bag Additive

  • ·    Printed with Water Based Inks


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