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Supermarket. Deli, Bakery Bags and Pop-up Sheets

Pak-Sher’s variety of bakery bags, deli bags and interfolded deli sheets, are the perfect choice for supermarkets, delis and bakeries. Stylish stock designs will give your deli or bakery products that upscale look, and convenient dispensers are available for your staff behind the counter or for your self-serve bakery areas.

Sinewave™ Bags

The Original Wave Bag®This High Density Polyethylene bag provides greater strength, stiffness and temperature tolerances than medium or low density alternatives. Five stock sizes available (16", 19", 21", 23" and 34") created to fit most any standard take-out container.

Standard Options:
  • Smaller cube size than paper significantly minimizes inventory space allocation
  • More sanitary than paper, won't attract insects
  • Offers better printing surface than paper, higher quality graphics means improved brand awareness
  • More sizes to choose from than paper
  • Easier to load than traditional T-Shirt bags, doesn't require a loading platform
  • More upscale look and feel than ...
SoftTote™ Bags

SoftTote™ Bags

Pak-Sher's SoftTote is the perfect replacement for imported folded bottom shopper bags. It is less expensive and allows for smaller minimum orders and much shorter lead times since they are made in the USA. SoftTote is also a great replacement for traditional paper bags.

The SoftTote's unique square bottom design allows it to square out and stand up so it can be loaded easily just like a paper or plastic folded bottom bag.
  • High end upscale look and feel makes it the perfect bag to upsell from Sinewave
  • Large printable area for advertising will help customers increase brand awareness
  • Large opening for easy loading saves time and labor
  • Small minimum orders on standard size bags with custom ...

Kwik-Karry™ Bag

Kwik-Karry is the perfect alternative to 4#, 6# and 8# paper bags. This is the perfect bag for airplane food carry on. It is also great for BBQ restaurants, sandwich shops, bakeries, delis, convenience stores and food kiosks.

Standard Options:
  • Small design but large capacity
  • Header, dispenser and large opening allow for easy loading compared to paper
  • Leak-proof & grease-proof
  • Bottom Gusset Allows for Easy Loading
  • Die-Cut Handle Eases Carrying
Custom Options:
  • Custom printing available
  • Can be custom sized to fit your ...
Curv' Pak™ Bag

Curv' Pak™ Bag

  • Replaces Standard T-Shirt Bag
  • No Large Dispenser Necessary
  • Upscale Appearance
  • Bottom Gusset for Flat Bottom
  • Stands for Loading
T-Shirt "Thank You"

T-Shirt Bags

  • Low Cost
  • Can be custom size and custom printed
  • Will Fit (3) 9" x 9" Foam Containers
  • 100% Made In USA
  • Small cube compared to paper
EPI 19" Sinewave

EPI Bag Additive

  • ·    Printed with Water Based Inks


Reuse Combo

Reusable Poly Carry Out Bags

Designed and Manufactured to be Environmentally Friendly
  • Printed with Water Based Inks
  • Contains Recycled Content
HDPE Liners - For Warming & Storage

Kitchen Prep Bags, Liners, Labels, and Mitts

Keep your prepared food fresh, prevent cross-contamination and reduce prep and clean-up clean-up time with Pak-Sher’s kitchen prep film products. Portion bags, labels, liners, lid covers, and our signature Sher-Mitt® combine to provide you with the complete package for your kitchen and food preparation areas.
Party Tray Bag

Party Tray Bag

This great bag has been specially designed for easy carrying of catering trays.
  • The perfect replacement for those hard-to-carry boxes
  • Carry one or two trays with one hand, no more juggling
  • Weight distributes evenly for ease of carry
  • Clear bag allows display of food product
  • Prevents spillage, no leaking onto customer's car seats
  • Custom printing available
  • Smaller cube reduces inventory space, replacing large carry cardboard boxes
  • Will Hold upto 40 lbs
  • Unique design allows for easy loading.

Drink Carrier


The drink carrier is designed to hold two 8 oz to 32 oz drinks. The XL Drink Carrier holds up to 64 oz. It prevents leakage and contains condensation where paper and cardboard holders won't. Great for airports, sports arenas, theaters, convenience stores, fast food establishments and busy office settings. Unlike cardboard and pulp trays drink carriers fit easily into most vehicle cup holders preventing tipping.

Standard Options:

  • Carry two drinks with one hand
  • Special handle design allows for level carrying of one or two cups
  • Travels well in vehicle cup holders
  • Less expensive than paper or pulp trays
  • Embossed HDPE
  • Smaller cube than paper or pulp ...

Cater-Aid™ Beverage Caddy

Standard Options:
  • Designed for one gallon servings of non-carbonated cold beverages
  • Single use for bulk beverage catering and carryout
  • Stores liquids up to 18 hours
  • Easier to carry than HDPE jugs
  • Significantly reduces inventory space
  • Easy pour design
  • Tamper evident lid Dispenser available
Custom Options:
  • Custom print available
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